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Floral Elixir Co's Flower Syrups


Floral Elixirs for Cocktails and Sodas

Since 2009, Floral Elixir Co. has been handcrafting all natural flower syrups for cocktails and sodas. We've named them Floral Elixirs, as they’re made from real flowers and botanicals, have a lightly sweetened and citrus balance, jewel-like hues and add a modern twist to all libations. 

For home mixologists, cocktail aficionados and floral enthusiasts, Floral Elixirs are perfect for entertaining and celebrations!

Not Just for Cocktails - Create Natural Sodas and Virgin Cocktails

Those looking for non-alcoholic 'mocktails', our Elixirs are the perfect pairing - with still and sparkling waters, lemonade and teas. With only 9 grams of pure cane sugar per serving, it's easy to create all natural and low-calorie healthy libations. 

About Nora Egger, Founder of Floral Elixir Co.

Floral Elixir Co. started from an idea to create cocktails with flowers in late 2008 after Nora's return to the US after working in Europe for a decade. Originally from Austria, Nora has spent her life living between Europe and the US, and while working in Europe she traveled extensively and became fascinated in the role flowers and botanicals played in drink and food cultures.

I wanted to share the role flowers played in other cultures’ drinks from around the world, hence Floral Elixir Co. was born!
— Nora Egger, Founder